Here at Stanway Humble Goode we take our commitment to help you achieve the best possible financial outcomes through business and strategic planning and consultation very seriously. Our expertise in these areas covers a range of scenarios including company startups, financial business plans, business loans, succession planning and risk management.


Financial Business Planning

Preparing a financial business plan is an important step in ensuring your company is given the best opportunity to grow and develop in a competitive work environment. Your business plan should ask the following questions:

• Who is running the business? What makes them qualified? What do they bring to the company?

• Who are you competing against? What do they offer and what makes you different?

• Who is your target audience? How big is the market and how will you connect with it? What do your customers want and how will you give it to them?

A structured business plan should tell you who is involved in the company and what your business aims to do. By outlining these aspects of your business clearly, you are setting your self and your company up for success. Our qualified staff at Stanway Humble Goode have extensive experience assisting small to medium sized businesses in creating their business plans. Allow our expertise to give you the edge you need to make you stand out from the pile on an investor's or bank's desk. By choosing us to accompany you at this crucial early stage of your financial business, you can make this part of your journey easier, just ask our team to assist you in developing your financial business plan.


Strategic Planning

In addition to a business plan, any professional entity should invest time in creating a strategic business plan. Where your business plan outlines the who and what of your company, a strategic business plan answers the how and when you plan to achieve your goals. A strategic plan enables you to track your growth and development through a clear set of tasks and milestones which you can use to drive your company forward. Your strategic business plan should ask over a 3-5 year period the following questions:

• How will you measure success?

• What needs to happen so you can achieve your goals? What resources do you need to make them happen?

• When will each activity take place? Who will do it, and when do you need to reach specific milestones?

A business and strategic plan are essential components of any successful company because they create a strong foundation and sense of direction for you to follow. By having a strategic business plan, you double your chances of success and ensure you have performance goals and a workable strategy of how to achieve them. You are also in a better position to capitalise on your startup’s growth and development as well as influence the direction it takes. When managing a business, you need a team of people to assist you in the planning, development and execution of your business and strategic plans. Our staff are qualified and prepared to support you in your discovery of how you want your business to grow over time.


Company Startups

If you are thinking about embarking on the new challenge of creating a startup company we are keen to support you in this exciting venture. Before you begin, we strongly recommend you invest in both a business and strategic plan to outline your goals and pathway to success. While you plan, keep these points in mind:

1) Define your business idea and see a pathway for it to grow into

2) Identify your target

3) Understand the business maths

4) Create a plan of action


Business Loans

Business loans offer the option of flexible and affordable income/cash. With our expert advice, we can recommend from a panel of lenders to provide simple, uncomplicated and competitively priced business loans. Approved borrowers can gain access to fast finance for business investments at a lower cost than through most traditional sources. Loans can provide finance for a number of things including:

• New business investments

• Expansion and acquisition

• Obtaining working capital

• Restructuring existing borrowings

Moreover, obtaining a loan will allow you to:

• Complete your loan application/banking package

• Allow your lender to deal directly with recommended lenders on your behalf

• Provide an effective bridge in the delivery of personal service

Loan security can be either residential or commercial property. There are no restrictions or fees on accelerated repayments (unless a loan is subject to fixed interest). Fixed interest loans can be arranged from 1-5 years. Variable rate loans can be converted to fixed rates on one day's notice. After discussing your options with your Accountant, we will work with our lending manager to make recommendations best suited to your business and future goals. By seeking our expert advice, you will save both time and money and secure the best outcome.


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